HSBC Faces New Allegations over Forex Manipulation

HSBC is one of the top wealth managing companies in the world. HSBC, therefore, is a hugely popular company and its dealings involve so many agents, banks and traders. As such monitoring of the company’s activity is always likely to raise eyebrows due to the large number of clientele and transactions involved. Bearing that in mind, HSBC has not had a good reputation as regards to its past activities dating up to more than a decade ago.

HSBC is facing new allegations of manipulation of transactions involving clients or accounts from other countries. The bank’s traders are being accused for making illegal profits by modifying markets over ten years ago at the expense of their clients. The ECU Group which is also located in the United Kingdom, took HSBC to the commercial court asking HSBC to reveal records on three foreign exchange orders from a decade ago. The worth of … Read the rest

Tradex1 A Useful Tool In The Toolbox.

TradeX1 is a reliable trading platform in the stock market. They’re easily found on where they have an easily accessible site with all of their services right at your fingertips. has all types of information about their services including testimonials, account applications of all types to sign up for in order to use Trade X1, as well as a Trader’s Academy designed to teach you the tools of the trade. As far as goes it’s a very professional and well-organized site.

On TradeX1’s site which again is, they have a download link for the Meta Trader 4. The Meta Trader 4 is the leading name in online trading software. The Meta Trader 4 effectively manages modern trading currencies, CFD’s, stocks and futures as well as being able to efficiently integrate lots of different assets too. Meta Trader 4 also comes in the form of a … Read the rest