Benefits of Taking Your Business Online

When the internet boom happened, every business that could afford the services of a web developer created a website. The key being only the businesses which could afford. Of course, with the rapid improvement in technology, creating your own website has now become as easy as making a few clicks and handing over a small amount of money. However, despite the cost barrier being removed, many businesses still don’t have an online presence.

If this business sounds like the one that you own, be it a corner store or even a local lawn maintenance service, below is a list of great reasons why you should at the least create a basic web presence for your business.

Broaden Your Reach

Do you know who calls directory assistance on the phone to ask for the number to a business? Nobody. Why? Because Google is in the palm of their hand, along with … Read the rest

The Top 10 Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Every business makes big mistakes in the first year, but you should make sure that you are trying to avoid all these mistakes when you get started the first year. Every one of these is going to cause problems for you if you let yourself fall into patterns that you might not be able to get out of. All ten of these problems are going to sink your business if you are not careful.

business man desperate financial market chart graphic going down

Chasing Costs When Starting An Online Business

Chasing your costs means that you are going to have problems paying off all the things that you have taken loans for or used credit for. You can keep your business in the black if you are not chasing your costs. You will feel like you can never pay for anything because you have too little money, and you will … Read the rest